Whiskey & Circumstance EP

by Whiskey & Circumstance

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COWBOY DISCO Got a pocket full of picks and a t-post clip Trunk full of strings and a drip tape strip Got chicken shit on my guitar case And baling twine on my electric bass CHORUS: Well, we don't wanna stay up all night, playing 'til the morning chores But these summer nights, they're short & sweet and we might rock it all the way through 'Cause around here they won't wait – for no cowboy disco Back up singers in the pig pen now Here's a bell solo from our favorite cow There's glitter floatin' in the trough tonight Call Katie a bumpkin and you're asking for a fight Fixed my amp and my fence to the same outlet Get five little chickens and you gotta a quintet Gotta learn to dance with your muck boots on Then keep on rockin' till the break of dawn...
LITTLE MISS GREEN THUMB Little Miss Green Thumb, she's got the Blues Three Dozen Starts, but she still – can't – choose Where to sow In whose field 'Cause she's got no home from which to yield But when the farmer's son offers his land – she knows better than to trade her hand CHORUS: Take your leaves And take your roots Sleep alone in your working boots (but) take your time to choose a bed the seeds you've sown, well they're already... dead Little Miss Green Thumb, she tries again (with a) backseat of soil, ready to – begin While goin' sixty seedlings sprout But when the summer comes she begins to doubt The man at the pitstop has a yard – No, turn that ignition and – Little Miss Green Thumb, she's plowing the ground beside new friends on a plot of earth – they've – found Share the toil Share the reap What they sow They all shall keep But when it's time to lay down all their seeds Where – is – Little Miss Green Thumb now?
THE KING When all that's fair is foul And all that’s foul is fair When the King has had his fill He’ll claim he’s had enough CHORUS He won’t sell his soul Until the market’s hot He don’t need no peace of mind Unless it’s buy-on-get-one-free Take a chance on me and please don’t mind The liability— At home we find the heart Our blood is in the walls But the king’s learned how to flip Now the castle’s up for sale Well, the kingdom’s starving now And he sees he’s done them wrong So he tries to pawn his crown But it’s jewels are counterfeit
SOMETHING TO LOSE Mama – had a child Gave it – all she had Loving was like breathing, you Exhale your heart And when you take another breath that love done fill you back up But then that baby grew up And he done moved away Mama took another breath it was her dying day CHORUS: Please – don't lose – yourself – when you find... something to loose Papa – bought a farm To feed – his town But the day he started plowing The feds showed up They said they're building a road And it goes right throgh his plot Well, after ten years of fighting Pops won the trail But he forgot about the town Only that deed was worthwhile He – had a song To share – with the world So he holed himself up in his little apartment And he practiced all day And he unplugged the phone Well, his friends gave up And they all moved away So when that boy emerged He found no one for which – to – play


released November 21, 2013


all rights reserved



Whiskey & Circumstance Valley Ford, California

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